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From time to time, our innovation team and activities are noticed by the international press.  Here a small selection of news articles about our team:


The Harbour, a Flemish funding agency for growing ventures, ambitious SME's and motivated scale-ups, featured a short story (in dutch) about iLab

"Hoe dit innovatieve bedrijf de omslag maakte van consultant naar productontwikkelaar"


August 2020: The TCL RayDanz Soundbar won the EISA "Bust Buy SoundBar" Award 2020-2021, thanks to the unique design of the iLaB Acoustic Reflector Technology.


July 2020: The newsletter of DSP Valley, a regional business network in Leuven (Belgium) for companies creating and applying electronic solutions and digital technology, features an article about iLaB and iLaB's award winning XBowFlector technology.

ILaB Blows Industry Away with Award-Winning Audio Technology

The TCL RayDanz Soundbar won the iF Design Award 2020, thanks to the unique design of the iLaB Acoustic Reflector Technology

iF Design Award 2020 for RayDanz Soundbar

TCL recently launched the TS5000 (Alto 5) soundbar, a compact soundbar with an impressive sound performance for very low price. TCL was so impressed, that they acknowledge our contribution on their website "Tested and tuned at the award-winning iLab in Belgium".

TS5000 (
IGN Soundbar review

Another review of the TCL RayDanz Soundbar! The RayDanz is one of the innovative Sound Concepts innovated by iLaB.

Image credit: Auro3D

You're Going to Want to Hear This:

Behind every great soundbar, there is a great innovation team... The iLaB team helped Auro3D with the development of their new standard-settting soundbar.

Auro-3D Introduces New Standard-Setting Soundbar and Stereo Speaker Solutions

Image credit: PhilipsThe Philips Fidelio X3 headphone is stepping in the footsteps of its predecessor, the successful X2 headphone.  It was iLaB's privilege to support the development team behind the new X3 in achieving the optimal sound performance.

Philips Fidelio X3
Philips Fidelio X3 headphones are open for business
Philips Fidelio X3 headphones aim to deliver style and sound
The Philips Fidelio X3 over-ear headphones could be an audiophile's dream

iLaB partners up with NXP and SCARDIN to create the "soundbreaking" RIO soundbar concept:

As a yearly tradition, iLaB attended the CES'2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  At the world's biggest CE trade-show, the TCL "Alto 9+" soundbar, which integrates the sound reflector technology developed by the iLaB Team, won several  "Best of CES" awards.    

Best of CES 2020: 16 Things You’ll Want to Buy This Year
Techaeris: Best of CES 2020


The RayDanz Soundbar was recognized as an innovative audio product at IFA'2019 in Berlin! The RayDanz is one of the Sound Concepts innovated by iLaB.
Best new audio products out of IFA 2019

Best Of IFA 2019: TCL Ray 
Danz Sound Bar

TCL unveils premium-looking entertainment solutions

Best Audio Equipment of IFA 2019

Best audio products at IFA 2019

Ubergizmo’s Best of IFA Awards

Best tech of IFA 2019

DigitalTrends reviewed the RayDanz Soundbar after having seen it at IFA'2019 in Berlin.

TCL launches an incredible new Dolby Atmos soundbar at IFA 2019

TechRadar reviewed the RayDanz soundbar at IFA'2019 in Berlin. The RayDanz is one of the Sound Concepts innovated by iLaB.

Android Headlines awarded a "Best of IFA'2019" award to the TCL RayDanz Soundbar at IFA'2019 in Berlin. The RayDanz is one of the Sound Concepts innovated by iLaB.

At the CES in Las Vegas in January 2019, TCL Entertainment Solutions announced the launch of a range of TCL headphones and TCL soundbars. The launching video gives a unique look into the innovation process and audio quality insurance of iLaB for TCL audio products. In the behind the scenes content shot at the TCL Innovation Lab in Belgium, the iLaB engineers working on the TCL headphones and TCL soundbar range explain how TCL made sound the core of its product innovations.


The Innovators Lab Belgium (iLaB) was founded in July 2018. The team is bootstrapping their Sound Innovation Activities as launching partner of the TCL Entertainment Solutions business.

2017 - ...

Elektronikkbransjen, Norway's largest interest organization for suppliers and distributors of all types of electronic equipment, and publisher of the Electronics Industry magazine, published a Nordic article in their magazine about the iLab innovation team in Leuven (when we were still part of Gibson). The main focus of this article is that "Smart Home Audio is coming" in the near future.

Link to the online article

Elektronikkbransjen also made an online video of one of our headphone sound engineers, providing an insight into the iLaB headphones development process.

In June 2017, - the leading webshop in the benelux for books, toys and electronics, published a "behind the scenes" article of the team developing the innovative sound concepts of Gibson and Philips.

Link to PDF ( has unfortunaly removed the original article)

In May 2017, the monthly Personal Computer Magazine PCMweb published a Dutch article on our innovation lab, describing how the team comes up with innovative sound concepts for the end-consumers.

Link to the online article

In April 2017, the Nordic 'Lyd & Bilde' ('Image & Sound') magazine published an article in which our team was recognized as the lead think-tank for Gibson/Philips product development regarding audio products.

In 2015, the iLab team hosted a "Fidelio" event for a delegations of Chinese journalists.  Zhongguancun Online published an article about our lab.
Link to Chinese Article
PDF generated by Google Translate

Already in 2013, Headphonia - a leading blogger in the headphones scene -- visited our innovation lab, in Leuven and reported on how an enthusiastic team of developers creates high-quality headphones for the Philips brand.

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