Our Story


The Sound Innovation Lab (iLaB) in Leuven was originally an integral part of the Philip Lifestyle Entertainment business, with as main goal to feed the business roadmaps with innovative and differentiating products for the audio market.  Acting as an essential bridge between theoretical Research and practical Product Development, iLab consistently pushed new product concepts into the market, many of which resulted in award-winning products for Philips and innovative solutions for the consumer.

In 2013, the famous Guitar brand Gibson acquired our innovation team as part of a major business deal with Philips. While our internal customer changed, we held on to our mission to generate meaningful product innovations for the end-consumer and continued to push our innovations into the market.  As part of Gibson, our team in Leuven was internationally recognized as a valuable player in the audio innovation landscape and, as before, its product innovations received several awards across the globe.

Mid 2018, the team took its destiny in its own hands and the Innovators Lab Belgium (ILaB) was founded as an independent company to offer innovation consultancy services to customers.  Our mission remains the same: create meaningful sound innovations for the consumer.


Our vision is that "Sound" will continue to play a fundamental role in the human experiences -- "Without music, life would be a mistake!” (Friedrich Nietzsche).  We believe that in the future, the full potential of "Sound" will be released with the aid of emerging technologies such as wireless sensor applications, state-of-the-art  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, conversational Interfaces (voice recognition, speech generation, …) and the Internet-of-Things in general.  



To turn our ideas into award-winning products.  To create breakthrough innovative sound solutions and deliver simplicity to consumers in their daily lives.


To become a recognized player in the innovation landscape.


We are a team of highly motivated, inspired, innovative and experienced engineers.   We are an excellent mix of competences with many of us offering more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing innovative product concepts from prototypes to finished products.

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