Acoustical Modeling and Simulation

Acoustical Modeling and Simulation:

Using our acoustical modeling expertise, we can predict the audio performance of a sound system (e.g. a new soundbar design) within an architectural environments (e.g. a living room) where sound reproduction, sound clarity, and speech intelligibility are critical.  Using acoustical modeling software,  room characteristics, surface data, and technical specifications of your audio system are used to model the acoustical environments and to design -- and optimized -- your audio systems. 

We have collected parametric models for a wide range of room environments to be used in our acoustic modeling tools to test the performance of a future product design.

Tools used for acoustic modeling/simulation include:

  • Simulink/Matlab

Where relevant, we can also model the physical/acoustic behavior of driver designs and acoustic volume design using Finite Element Modeling (FEM) or Lumped Element Modeling (LEM).

Tools/Methodologies for modeling physical/acoustic behavior:

  • LEM (Lumped Element Modeling) - Microcap, in-house developed LEM solver 

  • FEM - PAFEC 

  • BEM - ABEC 



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