Algorithm Porting and Integration

DSP Implementation:

Digital signal processing (DSP) has become an essential part of nearly every product in today’s world.  Any product featuring audio, voice or speech interfaces, wired or wireless connectivity, sensor data collection and actuator controls tends to embed some form of digital signal processing.  Whereas the actual sound rendering and capturing may primarily take place in the analog domain, processing the digitized versions has shown to be more efficient, effective and robust.

ILaB has extensive expertise in developing and implementing DSP algorithms in embedded systems, ranging from power-hungry audio amplifiers systems, through Smart Speakers and Bluetooth Speakers, to power-limited wireless earbud.  After developing the initial DSP algorithm -- or starting with a proof-of-concept algorithm of a customer --  our main strength is in 'porting' the initial algorithm (which often runs on a general purpose device) to a dedicated embedded DSP platform.

Furthermore, ILaB combines this extensive know-how on developing and implementing DSP algorithms with its competences on acoustic modeling and design, as well as software development skills, to optimize the overall system design instead of restricting itself to a single piece of the processing chain.

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