Electro-Acoustic Measurements

Objective Audio Testing

ILaB can offer a variety of audio-related test and measurement services, capitalizing on the technical expertise of our acoustic engineers and our well-equipped test laboratory.  

Our lab is equipped with a Head And Torso Simulator (HATS), a full-size anechoic room, turntables, calibrators, laser displacement sensors, amplifiers, test microphones, a multitude of electronic interfaces and testing accessories, and of course fully loaded Klippel analyzer system.  Our laboratory can test all types of audio and audio electronic devices including loudspeakers, headphones, audio electronics, etc.

Use-Case #1: Headphone Measurements 

The B&K Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) Type 4128C is used to perform headphone measurements in compliance with industry standards. HATS makes use of artificial ears that are designed to emulate the acoustic impedance of an average human ear.  It utilizes a rubber artificial pinna which replicates the flexibility of cartilage, that makes up the human outer ear, to achieve a representative fit when measuring headphones.  

ILaB is also equipped with a B&K Artificial Ear Type 4153 fitted with a IEC 711 coupler which uses a flat plate for mounting headphones to allow for rapid, and repeatable measurements.  Additionally, the G.R.A.S. RA0252 high-frequency coupler can be used to measure miniature devices such as insert earphones. 

The devices described above are useful tools for quick and repeatable evaluations of headphones.  However, headphone measurements can also be done with probe microphones which are inserted into the ear in order to measure the headphone's characteristics on humans.  ILaB is equipped with an Etymotic ER7C probe microphone for these purposes. 

Use-Case #2: Anechoic Chamber Measurements

Typical rooms are not good candidates for acoustical measurements as the observation is highly dependent not only on the device under test (DUT) but also the environment in which it is situated.  To avoid this a special space is needed which is called an anechoic (echo-less) chamber.  This is a heavily acoustically treated space filled with absorbent material to dampen any acoustic reflections in said space. 

Under these conditions, the observation of the DUT is no longer dependent on its environment and therefore gives an accurate characterization of the DUT.  

ILaB is equipped with a multitude of B&K free-field microphones for carrying out high precision acoustic measurements inside the anechoic chamber.

Use-Case #3: Acoustic Directivity Measurements 

On-axis SPL measurements are often used as a standard for evaluating loudspeaker performance, but this misses the entire picture of how a loudspeaker may radiate different amounts of acoustic power in different directions.  For carrying out automated directivity measurements, ILaB is equipped with a programmable LinearX Systems LT360 turntable, which can rotate with a resolution of 0.1 degrees.  

This allows for fully automated 2D directivity measurements, with any desirable angular resolution. Contexts in which this is useful is in evaluating the effective directivity of loudspeaker systems.  Evaluating the efficiency of beamforming systems for sound reproduction, and sound capture.  Finally, this method can be used to measure Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) to any desired resolution. 

Use-Case #4: Driver Measurements 

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