Golden Ears Training

Golden Ears Training/Certification

ILaB offers a specialized training tool and certification program - called the Golden Ears Training Tool - enabling our B2B customers to train their product developer to be more aware of the different attributes of quality audio. 

What is a Golden Ear?

Golden Eais a term commonly used in professional audio circles to refer to a person who is considered to hold special talents in his/her hearing. A person with golden ears is able to discern subtle differences in audio reproduction that most inexperienced and untrained listeners cannot.

ILaB developed an rigorous in-house training and certification program to ensure that team members are certified Golden Ears. As hearing capabilities degrade with age, our internal Sound Quality Process (SQP) requires that team-members are re-certified periodically to safeguard the quality of our perceptual test processes. Some of our team-members even take it one step further, and take pride in being certified as "Platinum Ears".


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