Perceptual Testing

Subjective Audio Testing

As an audio product is usually targeted at end-users, automated objective sound measurements may miss the nuance of the human ear to give you complete confidence in the final audio quality.  While such objective tools are essential to optimize your design, for a final check of the sound quality a perceptual test is still preferable. 

ILaB offers a specialized perceptual test services, allowing customers to benefit from the "Golden Ear" Expertise of our engineers.

What is a Golden Ear?

Golden Eais a term commonly used in professional audio circles to refer to a person who is considered to hold special talents in his/her hearing. A person with golden ears is able to discern subtle differences in audio reproduction that most inexperienced and untrained listeners cannot.

ILaB developed an rigorous in-house training and certification program to ensure that team members are certified Golden Ears. As hearing capabilities degrade with age, our internal Sound Quality Process (SQP) requires that team-members are re-certified periodically to safeguard the quality of our perceptual test processes. Some of our team-members even take it one step further, and take pride in being certified as "Platinum Ears".


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